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Welcome to Green Hills Hostel

Green Hill hostel is hidden on the mountain with the wild natural beauty of the highland. Situated on the way of happiness road to Dong Van Geopark. It takes approximately 10 minutes from the center of the city. Our family built the hostel by hand, using natural resources. It took us 4 months to build and we are very proud of our achievement. It is important to us that our guests feel like they are in natural surroundings. We also have a motorbike and car rental service for tours and free advice and information about the surrounding area. The hostel is always friendly!

Staying here, you can get not only a stay but also to enjoy the nature, see the fish in the stream, colorful flowers on a rocky mountain, sit on the mountain with a cup of coffee to have an overview of the life here or hear the romantic music …etc. It brights to you refreshment for next trip. The garden is beautiful and so peaceful, the terrace at the top of the stairs had great views for sunrise and sunset. You can enjoy coffee with a nice view of the terrace with many butterflies.

                               Free bicycle in Ha Giang City

The room is very clean, you’ll feel really comfortable. Come here and enjoy local food, happy water makes by family. You can have dinner with family and other guests and talk about the next itinerary. Run by a family, you will live in a cozy space filled with laughter.

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                                             Motorbike Rental

We will help you have a perfect journey with the services: motorbike rental, car rental (with driver), food, drinks, local guide… We also motorbike tour and car tour with experienced drivers. Green Hill Hostel is PERFECT PLACE for BACKPACKERS travelers.


                                                Enjoy local food
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           Motorbike rental

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